At CENTROS ECOCLUB CATEMACO, "el Huerto", center for Environmental Education, the sport of SAILING has a privileged place because of its ecological and immense educational value. CENTROS ECOCLUB CATEMACO has the advantage of bordering the lake of the same name with a beach 100 meters long. Since 1995, this is the only SAILING

SCHOOL in the state of Veracruz.

The MISSION of our School, conceived of more than 20 years ago, is to promote and disseminate the sport of sailing among the children and young people that schools and parents entrust to us during "Green Classes" or summer camps. It also offers young people in the TUXTLAS region permanent training in the sport. In addition, we propose theoretical and practical preparation for the profession of SAILING INSTRUCTOR.

School groups that arrive at ECOCLUB CATEMACO "EL HUERTO" Center usually come for 5 days, from Monday to Friday, and throughout the school year. These educational and cultural trips are part of the pedagogical proposals of many private schools in the capital city or other provincial cities in the country, and some choose begin with SAILING as a pedagogical and especially formative objective. The sailing course of this special "Green Class" allows young students to leave the big cities of Mexico and to face the natural elements: wind, waves, currents and above all himself: his anguish and fears are his own obstacles. The child of the 21st century is hidden away within his polluted city, without horizon, locked away in his sad world of concrete, beguiled by his heroes on the big screen and his digital games where his avatar does not truly run free. In the end, there is no risk, and he has forgotten to live his life. In short, his own adventure has been sacrificed!

Each year, the center receives an average of 700 girls and boys to start sailing. Students are given a swimming test. The only requirement is not to fear water, but are nonetheless protected with a lifejacket and are under the control and guidance of the sailing instructors.

In addition, we offer another water activity when there is no wind on the lake, and that is rowing in our unsinkable fiberglass canoes.

All departures in sailboats or canoes are accompanied by motor boats that carry teachers and sail instructors ready to intervene in any situation.

The other facet of our sailing school is oriented towards the children and young people of the TUXTLAS region (San Andrés, Santiago and Catemaco). The goal is to initiate, train and perfect them in managing any sailboat in Lake Catemaco and then at sea where we compete in sailing races at the Port of Veracruz and Coatzacoalcos or during the national Olympics. Afterwards, we train these young people in the trade of sailing instruction, which closes the process of learning and dissemination of their newly acquired knowledge. As with all sports and activities, this is an important endeavor as it helps to spread awareness and participation in a country that boasts 11,600 km of coastline.

Lic. Pierre Escande Miquel
Sailing Instructor and Founder of the School